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Firefox Bug 565031

April 12, 2011

Over the past 2 weeks, David Humphrey asked the class to work on a firefox bug collaboratively.  The bug is located here.  It basically states that the is_space() function in nsImageMap.cpp accepts characters other then spaces when it shouldn’t.  Before any patching, is_space() currently accepts characters such as tabs, vertical tabs, newline characters, carriage feeds, and also doesn’t work with semicolons, which it should.  One of my classmates, Matt Postill, came up with a patch last week that fixed this.  It now accepts only the correct input.  Matt’s patch can be found here.

Since a patch had been created, the next thing that needed to be done was write unit tests, as no patch would be accepted without them.  After writing a unit test, it is run using mozillas Mochitest.  My first time using mochitest I accidentally ran all the tests at once, resulting in an extremely long wait, don’t make the same mistake (unless you want to of course), you can also run tests individually by doing the following:

TEST_PATH=path/to/your/test/here.html make -C (whatever your objdir-ff is) mochitest-plain

Doing so allows you to run just a single test at a time, which is much more convenient for us.  My test for the bug can be found here.


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