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My name is David Seifried. I live in Ontario, Canada and work on various Open Source projects such as Firefox, Popcorn.js, Butter.js, Popcorn-Maker, and pretty much anything else I can get my hands on.

When I’m not coding you can find my camping/fishing, driving some place stupid just for the hell of it, or playing music/games.

Hit me up on:

Github –

Twitter  –!/dcseifried

Email –

  1. Hi David,

    Deiren Masterson here again. Thanks again for the help on the Streetview plugin, it worked out perfectly. I have a popcorn project query for you. I’ve been learning popcorn via the P2PU course (I believe I mentioned this). It’s been good but the group has stagnated and I’ve been working at finding an achievable but creative project that let’s me learn and explore Popcorn in practice. I’ve been revising ideas and have finally settled on one. My strength however is not javascript – it’s visual design and I’m a video/filmmaker – storyteller. Re: the project – a friend of mine who I’ve been doing music videos for recently is the nephew of Clarence Clemons – the iconic saxaphone player for Bruce Springsteen’s E Street band. He died a couple of weeks ago. I want to put together a short journey around his life, music and his life with Bruce Springsteen (this is a learning piece, something personal for the love of music – this is not a commissioned piece).

    I have a lot of specifics I can share about content/ idea but essentially I’m looking for help on some of the javascript in my concept. Essentially what I’m working with is I’ve found a cool open sourced javascript/ CSS3 photo gallery that I want to adapt popcorn into to replace the blueprinted image structure with video/ google maps/ twitter feed etc. I’ve been fooling around with adapting the javascript but I’m spinning my wheels right now – something’s not working code wise. I’m wondering if you’d be interested in collaborating with me on this, and helping with the javascript. I want to make this a simple but still elegant interactive video experience – what I’m trying to do is to get away a bit from the static box structure into something that lets the user explore the story a bit, through some layering, while keeping their focus in check…it’s a stab at it anyway.

    Are you interested in helping/ collaborating? Knowing that my aim is to get this done quickly and not take too much of your time.

    Look forward to your reply.

    All the best,

    • Hey Deiren,

      Sorry it took me a while to get back to you, been busy the last 2 days. But I would love to help with the javascript portion of your project. I don’t know how much time I can promise you but I am definitely interested in helping! Send me an email with some more details if you don’t mind,

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